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Cost for a Roof in Pittsburgh, PA Area

The Price for a roof in Pittsburgh, Pa Area can vary depending on each situation.

The Pitch (how steep it is) of the roof is a major factor. For an Asphalt Shingle roof you should be around $4 to $6 per square foot or $400 to $600 per 100 sq feet. Then your accessories are a additional charge so depending on how much drip edge or ridge vent you need will be added into the total price plus other items like pipe covers and etc. Since each roof is different when i comes to pipes and ventilation we charge depending on how much you need. Keep in mind do to the pitch of the roof it will be bigger the the square footage of your house. We will replace 2 sheets of wood for free then there is an up charge for any sheets of plywood needed after that price depends on market at the time Price will be stated in the estimate before job. Some companies will charge less but won't use the proper material where needed or worst try to put a layer over top the old one with out removing the first layer avoid this at all cost there is a reason the shingle manufacturers want things done a certain way so there product performs the best and last the longest.

Our Prices let us offer you the best products in the bussiness and install them the best way we also make sure we take time to treat your property the way it should be with out custom netting from The Catch ALL company that protects your house and landscaping. The Catch All system helps catch 99% of the nails then we run a magnet round the property serval times to make sure you, your kids and pets are safe. If you would like a fee roof estimate give use a call and we will inspect your roof and let you know if you need one and if so how much if would be. We do not do high pressure sales you can take the time to decide want you would like to do.

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