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Roof Repairs

Guess what, not all roof leaks are visible! You may not see water spots on the ceiling, but water may be hurting your roof in other ways at this very moment! There may not be visible missing shingles either! Also, If you have an aged roof (10-20yrs), the granules have started to fall off due to natural drying of the asphalt layer. When the granules are missing, it exposed the fiberglass mat under the shingles. The fiberglass mat is not waterproof, and you could be developing a slow leak in the boards under your shingles!

How To Fix It:


Give us a call today and we can come out and assess if your roof needs a simple shingle repair, or if you have a bigger issue. We only educate and never try to "sell you", so there won't be any high pressure tactics like our competition uses. We will make sure you are in control of what you need, and we simply provide solutions to those needs.

We also Offer Roof Tune ups where we come in and catch the more common leaks before they happen around Pipes and chimneys, Pop up nails.

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